Selasa, 04 Januari 2011


During the writing of my final paper, I don't have much time to crafts. but, when I was dizzy and tired with my paper, I took a craft to refresh my mind. And then I made this beautiful hair clip.

I know, I wear hijab and can't wear them. but this hair clip can also tuck in my shirt or in my hijab as a brooch.

cousin is very love with this (two) one.
.. hehehe

I really love that colour. very Vintage!!!

Do you think it's beautiful?

think that's enough for today. Before I end this post I will show a picture for you

wait for the next post yah ... I promise a lot more fun!!!
nite everyone :)

Happy New Year 2011!!!

HapPy NeW Year 2011, everyone!!!

Let's welcome the new year with new spirit.

Senin, 19 Juli 2010


Every time I go to sleep, I always say "have a nice dream" for the people I most love. Sweet right? I am sure you also do the same thing. Not only that, sometimes when I'm dreaming, too often, these dreams can do that, be this and that. Dreams, wishful thinking, ideals, desires, or whatever you call it, is the spirit to live a day with the best possible. I have often dreamed of becoming a world-class designers who can side by side with Marc Jacob. By then my day will be filled with sketches of dress designs, observing the development of fashion, and explore fashion as crazy as possible. The dream was there because I feel have the ability there.

I also dream of creating homes for abandoned children and teenagers becomes pregnant out of wedlock. or dreaming about Indonesia as famous as the USA, Indonesia became countries of the world's most insisted.

Many people assume that such dreams were impossible to be realized. According to others it could not be reached. How? Hey, it's my dream! does not belong to anyone. likewise with your dreams. As long as we feel able to make it real, why should you care about people who do not bring progress to achieving that dream. The more I know in this world, the greater is my dream. The higher and the beautiful dream of a person, the greater responsibilities. If someone is not responsible for dreams, this would be a "nightmare".

Lately I realized one thing that proved the greatest obstacle achieve that dream is my own. I often feel afraid to try and be afraid to fail. But, seeing how many people live in this earth with the same ideals? Many of them achieve his dream with the same street as well. Not many people dare to realize his dreams in his own way without trailing in the success of other. I try to always learn from experience. Trying to see how they succeed, learn from them and create my own way to realize my dreams.


Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

My Handmade

Hi guys,,,
This time, not much will I tell. I just wanted to show you all some of my crafts that have been created. I hope you like it!

I totally in love with rose bib. Much!!

Somestimes, I also make necklace. I made this necklaces from fabric remnants that have been unused. So, I make use of waste into something beautiful.

Well, I promise next time will show more pictures to you.
See you :)

Senin, 12 Juli 2010

Little about myself

Hello all... how are you?

This is my second entry and now I will just write a little about myself and things that draw me in. So, I'll write a short description about myself. Noviani Alfia is my name, my friend call me Opie or Opay. I'm 24 and I study Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia at Universitas Pakuan. This is my last year now.

Hmmm,,, I'm so in love with fashion. I love sewing, designing, handmade, handicrafts, photografi, drawing, nature, and art. I heart beach, mountains, rivers, hills, sun, moon, water, air, anything outside can bring me close to nature. And also I mad about coffe and caffein. So, I prefer to write about how I'm interested in doing creative work. This blog will go about that, 'part' of me, the things that I like, what inspires me, my clothes diaries, and maybe a few topics about my personal life.

Here I will give you a little picture so that you get to know me.

My little side where I dream, think, write, and craft!

believe me, there is no activity more fun than on crafts.
I love crafts!!!

My handmade.I hope you like this :)

well,, I think enough for today. Thanks for coming and see you again.